Ellie Dunne x Nordic Elements Rug Raffle


Together Academy was delighted to partner with artist Ellie Dunne (24) and Nordic Elements to raffle off a special edition Kasthall wool rug, worth €2750. 

Ellie, who has Down Syndrome, is a student of Fine Art at the National College of Art & Design (NCAD) in Dublin. In addition to her learning in NCAD, Ellie works in our Together Academy training café during the summer months. Many of her friends also attend our academy, and Ellie actively supports our training college through her artwork. 

This incredible rug has been designed in partnership with Nordic Elements, with all raffle proceeds going directly to Together Academy and our parent charity, The Down Syndrome Centre. Thanks to generous supporters, we were able to raise much needed funds for both the Academy and the Down Syndrome Centre.

We are so grateful to Ellie and the team at Nordic Elements who have helped Ellie’s vision come to life. “At Nordic Elements we are big fans of Ellie’s work,” said Helle Moyna (Founder, Nordic Elements), “and given she is such a talented colourist we thought she was the ideal person to work with Kasthall’s range of 1500 colours.” In addition to Ellie’s connection to our academy, Helle’s goddaughter Purdy also has Down Syndrome and attends the Down Syndrome Centre- making this joint fundraising venture the perfect fit.

Resident artist Ellie spoke about her work on this fantastic piece: “When Helle and Rebecca from Nordic Elements asked me to design a rug for them I was very happy. I like working with colour and pattern and a woven rug is a way for me to work on a bigger scale. I see it as a big painting made from wool. Helle and Rebecca gave me yarn cards to work with and I spent a few days looking at them and deciding which ones to use. I chose four shades of pink and then one bright blue as a contrast. Then I started playing with the design. I drew patterns on tracing paper by hand and filled in the colours with markers. One of the designers at Nordic Elements took my sketches and drew them up on the computer. I didn’t like my first design, but I did a second one and I was much happier with that.  I love how the rug has turned out. It’s very exciting to see it finished.”

Ellie’s Rug will be wall-hung and on display at Happy Out at Dun Laoghaire Baths, a joint venture with the Together Academy, and in the Nordic Elements shop in Blackrock. Pop in to see her masterpiece in person before the rug is sent to our lucky winner!


About Ellie Dunne

Ellie Dunne is a young Irish artist living and working in Dublin. She is currently a Fine Art student at the National College of Art & Design. Her abstract painting draws deeply on personal experience and she is inspired by Anni Albers, Agnes Martin, Richard Gorman and Sean Scully.

In 2022, she had two solo exhibitions – one at the Dower House Gallery at Emo Court in Co. Laois, and one at Westival in Westport. Two of her artworks are in the National Collection. Her ambition is to work at an ever-increasing scale.

About Nordic Elements

Founded in 2008 by Helle Moyna, Nordic Elements comprises of a spacious design gallery, furniture showroom and interior design practice at 38 Main St, Blackrock. Inspired by her Danish upbringing, Helle’s aesthetic is a contemporary fusion of Mid-Century Modern with a Scandinavian appreciation of quality and craftmanship.

About Kasthall

Swedish entrepreneur Ludvig Anderson established Kasthall in 1889, and the company has been at the forefront of interior design for over a hundred years, specialising in combining elegant designs with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship to make unique rugs. All Kasthall rugs are made in its factory in Kinna, located in the western region of southern Sweden. 

In addition to raffling off this incredible rug, Ellie’s Rug is available to order from Nordic Elements priced at €2750 including VAT and Nordic Elements will donate €500 from each order to the Together Academy and Down Syndrome Centre. Further information can be found here (insert link)

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