Two Together Academy students with their backs to the camera, standing together with arms around each other

Our Partners

Building support networks and communities

Join local businesses, employers and communities to play your part in transforming lives and having a positive impact on the employment prospects of young adults with Down Syndrome.
We are grateful to everyone who supports our mission; it would not be possible without your support.

Pobal logo
4th October 2022

A huge thanks to Pobal for their continued funding. This support helps provide essential staffing requirements that ensure the best individualised education for our students and their continued learning.

The Dormand Accounts Fund logo
4th October 2022

This project was approved by the Government with support from the Dormant Accounts fund. We are grateful for their continued funding that allows our students to be supported in achieving their goals and learning outcomes.

Southside Partnership logo
4th October 2022

We are delighted to continue working with the Southside Partnership team in providing online training and cookery skills modules. This funding has provided training for students around the country.

DLR County Countil logo
4th October 2022

Thank you to DLR County Council for their support throughout our course and café journey. We are grateful for your continued support and encouragement.

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland logo
4th October 2022

A massive thank you to our continued partner Social Entrepreneurs Ireland for their support and funding. Their support has been invaluable to both our staff and student training, and we are so grateful.

Dublin City Council logo
4th October 2022

We are delighted to continue working with Dublin City County Council, and are grateful for their grant funding which has allowed us to complete our technology modules thanks to their programming support.

Global Payments logo
4th October 2022

We can’t thank the Global Payments team enough for their continued help and support in building us a beautiful and accessible website. We are so grateful.

Grant Thornton logo
4th October 2022

We are grateful for the ongoing support from Grant Thornton in both helping fund our café imitative and as an ongoing corporate partner.

Goodbody logo
4th October 2022

A big thank you to Goodbody for their continued support and encouragement as we open our newest venture- Together café.

Avolon logo
4th October 2022

A massive thank you to Avolon for their logistical and financial support around our ongoing programming. We are delighted to partner with an organisation who believes in our values and mission.

Signature Capital logo
4th October 2022

Thank you to Signature Capital for their ongoing support and encouragement from our early days as an organisation. Your continued support is appreciated.

McGowans Print logo
4th October 2022

We’d be lost without McGowan’s Print and their continued incredible support. A family run business with a special interest in giving back. We look forward to the incredible things we will do in the future with them!